Risk event coverage

Cobertura en eventos de riesgo. Chalecos por detrás.

One of the main functions of the Volunteer Corps of Civil Protection, is to provide medical coverage to all foreseeable acts with an attendance equal or greater than 2,000 people or, due to the characteristics of the event, being necessary the presence of SAMUR-Civil Protection. After defining the characteristics of each event, a strict analysis of the risks is made, in order to determine what kind of resources must be prepared. It is a demand that has been growing over the years (1,775 acts were covered in 2015), and represents many hours of volunteer work and many efforts.

Among all the events that are covered regularly, as concerts, sport events, parades, the following should be noted due its magnitude and the deployment of resources and personnel: The Wise Men Parade, the Madrid Popular Marathon (MAPOMA), the "White Night" , the Columbus Day, and the special deployment for Christmas, that takes place from December 20 to January 5 in the center of our city. Each of these events involves more than 200 volunteers.

Besides, each year there are more than 15 football matches of high risk and over 20 popular athletic competitions; and with the introduction of the code 33 (procedure for detecting genetic problems in athletes linked to sudden death), the presence ALS units are included in all races over 10 km.

SAMUR-Civil Protection also provides medical coverage for specific and multitudinous events of great magnitude, as they were the visit of the Pope (His Holiness John Paul II in May 2003 and Benedict XVI in 2011), the Royal Wedding in May 2004, the events in Madrid during the Football World Cup, the celebration of the catholic World Youth Day in 2011 or the coronation of Spain's King Felipe VI in 2014.

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