Clinical Safety or Patient Safety

Since the celebration of the First Patient Safety Day organized in 2010, we named many of the good safety practices we developed at SAMUR, articulating them in a patient safety program.

To this day, we perform quality control of aftercare, through hospital follow-ups and assessment of clinical reports, with simulation workshops in which possible problems related to patient safety are detected. This, together with our Manual de Buenas Prácticas en Seguridad and the informative alerts to our personnel on patient safety, complete a system of attention to serious patients unique in the prehospital environment. A key piece to close the circle of the safety of our patients is the System of Notification and Learning (SINASEP-SAMUR).


The objective of this system is to improve the safety of patients from the analysis of situations, problems and incidents that caused harm to patients, or that could have caused it. The Patient Safety group is made up of 3 doctors and 3 nurses who are especially interested in this issue, with no relation to supervisory positions or management positions. These professionals are responsible for analyzing the cases of possible incidents reported anonymously in the system by the operating personnel, proposing the measures they consider appropriate to prevent them from occurring again. The study of the actions in the context in which they have taken place is carried out in order to promote changes that in the future avoid the factors that contributed to the appearance of risks. The communication and registration of cases is not an end in itself, the important thing is learning. Subsequently, a person responsible for the service assesses the feasibility of the measures proposed by the Security Group for its final implementation.

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