Quality of care. Performance Appraisal System

SAMUR-Protección Civil is aware of the importance that quality acquires in its main area of ​​action: health care for emergencies and medical emergencies. It is about assists with a high demand for the professional. The rapidity, the seriousness, the pressure of the environment, the possible consequences for the health and the life of the patients, put the Service and the professionals before a great challenge. Hence, the enormous responsibility and concern we have for "doing things right and the first time".

The quality of care is a priority objective, to the point that the organizational development of the Service has been, from its inception, even to the development of a system of own Performance Assessment "in situ", which generates a permanent process of evaluation and analysis of the assistance and its results.

The two figures that make up the system permanently are the Chief Medical Officer of the Guardia and the Delta teams (nursing and emergency technician), with ample recognized experience in the service. 


The Performance Evaluation system motivates our staff to achieve professional excellence, improving the quality of their services, and helps us to define a training program adapted to real needs.

It also assures the patients of SAMUR-Civil Protection that it can be a treatment in a universal and up-to-date manner according to the criteria of current scientific evidence and with all available means for its case.

Every year a personal interview is held with each professional and yes the information of the result of these criticisms. In these meetings internal communication is encouraged, facilitating the contribution of suggestions directly. A report is finally delivered with a comparison between its performance and the general performance of its group, informing about the areas of improvement in its particular case.

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