Citizenship education

SAMUR-Civil Protection has, as one of its main objectives, the citizenship education in early recognition of a medical emergency an also to train other health providers to face emergency situations.

Citizens are an important part of the survival chain, so that, it is necessary to teach them proper CPR techniques. Bystander Program and First Responder Program are designed for make anyone capable of:

  • Detect when someone needs urgent medical assistance.
  • Know when is necessary to alert SAMUR-Civil Protection and what data provide.
  • Learn the basic techniques and their practical application to emergency situations where life may be in danger.

Bystander Program

The Bystander Program is an educational aimed at the community. It has been ongoing for several years and has become fully operational due to its excellent acceptance.

Through this program, classes to primary schools, secondary and even at different groups such as neighborhood associations on what to do and what not to do in an emergency situation, are given.

Due the program, a large number of citizens, especially students between 10 and 18 years, have learned how to recognize an emergency, an initial assessment of the victim, how to properly alert emergency services and how to perform basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers if necessary, until the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

This training activity is performed free of charge to all those schools and groups upon request.

Bystander Program in your neighbourhood 

The objective of  "Bystander Program in your neighbourhood " is to bring the training sessions to every disctric in Madrid. To do so, we are moving all around the City.

The citizen, as a first link of the survival chain, has to be prepared to respond to an emergency situation. The main purpose of this program is to improve the response capacity in this type of situations. To achieve this goal, we need to reach the largest possible number of citizens, supporting access to this training.

The Civil Protection Department have projected a Citizenship Education Program within the territorial framework of the Madrid City Council districts. The activity will focus on public access areas, both indoors and outdoors.

The ultimate purpose is to go out of the classroom in the training centers and create new training spaces (shopping malls, public areas in the city, popular celebrations) where citizens have the opportunity to have a first contact with the emergency to be prepared and able to respond immediately  in such situations.

First Responder Program

The First Responder program is aimed mainly at members of security forces and firefighters, private security companies, etc. Groups that, due to its job, are found more frequently involved in the incidents, either warning or making

Almost custom-tailored, these courses have a recognized acceptance even outside of our city and are increasingly being required. In the case of the National Police, it is considered a milestone that SAMUR teach basic CPR and initial assessment of the patient and the first measures of stabilization and resuscitation to the entire promotion of the General Academy of Police in Spain every year.

Training in ambulances

SAMUR-Civil Protection has established various educational agreements with various academic institutions to participate in the academic background of their students, both in the undergraduate and postgraduate phase. The overall objective for the student is to know the functioning of the pre-hospital emergency services.

The profile of the students practising in SAMUR-Civil Protection Units is diverse, but basically is medical or nursing professional  in its undergraduate or graduate education.

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