Preliminary Market Consultations

1. Introduction

The Law 9/2017, Novembre the 8th, of Public Sector Contracts, which transposes the Directive of European Parliament and Council 2014/23/EU and 2014/24/EU, of February the 26th 2014 states in article 115 that public contractors can do market studies and address consultations to active economic operators in order to prepare procurement procedures and inform these market operators about their plans and requirements to take part in the procurement procedure.

2. Open Preliminary Market Consultations

Procedure Number   Title of consultation
145/2020/01349 Valdeinnova Biomethane
145/2019/00923 Research and measurement of the chemistry of tropospheric ozone
145/2019/01000  Regulation of traffic lights based on pedestrian demand
145/2019/01001  Acustic beacons activated on demand for Street crossings regulated with traffic lights
145/2019/01002 Digital image processing for mobility applications
145/2019/01003  Detection of obstacles in pedestrian streets
145/2019/01004  Services based on remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicles in Madrid.



3. Incoming Preliminary market consultations

 4. Closed Preliminary Market Consultations

Procedure Number  Title of consultation  Closing date

Preliminary market consultation for the public procurement of innovation of a cleaning trolley, complying with the specifications of Madrid City Council  September, 6th 2018
145/2016/06352 Preliminary market consultation of innovative solutions for communication and interaction with deaf people September Septembrer, 29th 2016



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