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Madrid: Economic Force and Land of Opportunity

Madrid is regarded as the sixth region in Europe in terms of GDP, holds the 2nd position as European city with greater Greenfield cross-border investment projects, and is also the fourth continental city with a larger number of start-ups. Madrid is arguably one of the greatest economic engines of the 21st century, a state-of-the-art professional hub with brilliant MBA schools, innovative spirit, hybrid work models and the smoothest support for entrepreneurship.

Its privileged location and connections places Madrid at the peak of the world’s digital map. It is also worth noting that it is the capital of the Spanish language, one of the languages with greater economic projection in the entire planet, with a market of 600 million speakers.

Madrid: Front-runner in Digital Infrastructure, Business and Transportation

Madrid’s digital infrastructures have transformed the city into one of the main telecommunications and data hubs of Southern Europe. Madrid is one of the three European cities with best connectivity, including its outstanding 100% broadband reception.

Spain’s commitment to cyber security, as well and the means and resources allocated to this end, position Madrid’s candidacy as one of the most advanced in terms of guaranteeing and protecting the security of information.

Thanks to its wide range of hotels and congress venues, and to its excellent transport network connecting the city with the rest of Europe and the world, Madrid has become one of the favourite destinations for business.


Rankings above have been obtained from the following reports: Madrid is the 4th city in the world  in terms of quality of life and safety, according to Mori Memorial Foundation 2022. Madrid’s healthcare system is ranked 6th in the world in terms of quality of health. (Money.  co.uk. Top 10 healthiest places to live 2021.)

On the other hand, Spain is ranked 3rd in the EU chart of best continental connectivity. (Digital Economy and Society Index Report, 2022), Madrid is the 3rd European city providing the best connectivity. (Financial Times, fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future, 2022-23), and Madrid Barajas is the 2nd best airport in Southern Europe (Skytrax World Airport Awards, 2022); and the 4th in Europe in terms of passenger traffic (Eurostat, 2020)

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