Vice Mayor of Madrid meets with Kyiv City Hall Councillors

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Begoña Villacís, Deputy Mayor of Madrid, received the visit of Kyiv City Councillors Yuliya Yarmolenko, head of the Commission for Local Autonomy, International and Regional Relations, and Oleksandr Brodskyi, head of the Commission Housing and Community Economy. She was accompanied by Santiago Saura, Councillor for Internationalization and Cooperation, and Cecilio Cerdán, Director General for Cooperation and Global Citizenship. Also present were Antonio Martino, a businessman and president of the Spanish Center in Ukraine NGO, and Tetyana Nikolova Dranovich, a construction entrepreneur and active member of the Ukrainian community in Madrid.

The visiting councillors explained the current situation in Ukraine due to the war and expressed the need for new forms of help and cooperation. For her part, the Vice Mayor at all times showed her support and strong commitment to the Ukrainian people and presented all the aid projects that Madrid City Council is currently providing to the country, together with those planned for the near future. The meeting ended with several proposals to continue making the people of Madrid aware of the reality that is being experienced in Ukraine.

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