Madrid hosts EUROCITIES Digital Forum

Madrid acoge el Foro Digital de EUROCITIES 5-7 oct II

The city of Madrid hosted the EUROCITIES Digital Forum on 5, 6 and 7 October 2022, which was attended by political and technical decision-makers from several European cities.

The Forum's programme is inspired by the European Union's Digital Decade initiative and highlights the potential of local government to be the driving force behind Europe's digital transformation by 2030. The Palacio de Linares, where the Digital Forum took place, hosted sessions on topics at the heart of the EU's digital agenda: local digital strategies, the Internet of Things, digital rights, data-driven solutions for the digitisation of public services, cybersecurity, digital skills, and the impact of ICT on the labour market, etc.

Madrid is investing in digital transformation to make its administration work better and more efficiently and this is the message that Santiago Saura, Councillor for Internationalisation and Cooperation of the Madrid City Council, conveyed in his opening speech. The Forum was also attended by André Sobczak, Secretary General of EUROCITIES, who mentioned the European Commission's mission for climate neutral cities, in which most of the 120 participating cities are members of EUROCITIES.

The closing remarks were made by the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, who reminded the audience of the need to never take for granted the welfare and freedoms achieved over the years and did not forget to mention the tragic situation suffered by Ukrainian municipalities and their inhabitants.

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