Digital Administration Impulse Action Plan

We have drawn up an action plan to promote, in the short term, the improvement of the processing of the administrative actions most used by citizens or those with the greatest internal burden for the city council.


The objectives we are pursuing are:

  • To increase the use of digital management.
  • To facilitate administrative formalities for citizens and businesses.
  • To reduce the number of paper notifications.
  • To reduce the time taken to process procedures.
  • To promote the implementation of emerging technologies to improve public services.
  • To enhance the training of municipal employees in e-processing.



In order to achieve such objectives, the following measures have been implemented:

  1. Simplifying electronic access for citizens and businesses.
  2. Promoting electronic notification.
  3. Developing automated administrative action.
  4. Automation and extension of the Data Intermediation Platform.
  5. Review and simplification of high impact procedures.
  6. Re-engineering of the municipal register.
  7. Implementation of robotic processing systems (RPA).
  8. Promotion of processing by third parties.
  9. Digital officer. Improvements in training, communication, accessibility and usability.
  10. Launch of the digital management observatory, to measure progress.

Agreement of 1 July 2021 of the Governing Board of the City of Madrid approving the Action Plan for the Rationalisation and Simplification of Procedures and the Promotion of Digital Administration - (spanish)


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