Register by Internet Certificate

The census registration certificate is one of the most requested documents by citizens. The Madrid City Council has issued more than 2.4 million registration certificates as of 2021.

To make it easier to obtain them, we have approved the issuing of census certificates as an automated administrative action. In this way, we offer immediate access to the census certificate (individual or collective) through the electronic office. We also reduce response times to requests submitted through other channels.

On the other hand, Madrid City Council has become the first municipality to publish municipal census information on the Data Intermediation Platform, providing, in its first phase, data on the current census registration of an inhabitant and the equivalent of a family certificate, i.e. those of cohabitants in the same census registration.

This measure will allow public administrations to consult this information without the need to ask citizens for their registration certificate, which will speed up many of the procedures and save bureaucracy and journeys for residents.

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