Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission

Misión de Ciudades Climáticas Neutras e Inteligentes

The City Council of Madrid has been recognized by the Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission for its outstanding climate commitment. The city has reached a crucial milestone by receiving the "Climate City Contract" (CCC), a fundamental step in its participation in the Mission of Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. This recognition reflects Madrid's commitment to a fair transition towards a green and digital future, serving as an inspiring example for other cities.


Madrid's CCC has undergone a comprehensive review by the Mission Platform and has been officially submitted to the European Commission for evaluation. Following consultations with the Mission Board and the Commission's Mission Owners Group, the Mission Label was awarded to Madrid. This label not only validates the success of the CCC process but also facilitates access to European Union, national, and regional funds, as well as private investments.

The official publication date of this recognition is  October 12, 2023. In addition to this recognition, a brief summary of the results of the review of Madrid's CCC has been provided. This summary highlights areas in which the European Commission proposes to provide additional support to achieve effective implementation of the city's climate neutrality plans. Madrid is encouraged to leverage the support of the Mission Platform to address these specific aspects.



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Mobilities for EU Project

The European Commission launched a call for proposals in the framework of its HORIZON programme, 'Climate Neutral and Smart Cities' mission to present projects on sustainable autonomous mobility for the transport of people and goods. The "Mobilities for EU" project, led by the cities of Madrid and Dresden and composed of 29 European public and private entities, has secured funding from the European Commission amounting to around 25 million euros, which will implement 11 pilot projects including 27 innovative solutions for autonomous electric mobility, 5G technology, smart urban spaces, digital twin technologies and artificial intelligence.



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