Digital Transformation Decalogue

The strategy for digital transformation builds on the city's digital strengths, to highlight that Madrid is already the city of the digital present, and highlights what we want Madrid to be in the near future. The messages are those referenced in the Madrid 2026 Decalogue.

  1. Madrid must be a great digital hub for Europe, a reference in digital society infrastructures: data centres, communications and cyber security. These infrastructures, along with physical ones, create quality jobs and are essential for the functioning of other sectors such as logistics, construction, energy, banking, telecommunications, etc. A one-stop shop will be promoted to reduce bureaucracy and simplify authorisations, hence speeding up the attraction of companies and their establishment. MADRID DIGITAL HUB
  2. Madrid must have the best digital management, with simple, proactive and mobile services. The citizen will continue to be our main priority, participating in the design of services. The administration is there to help citizens and businesses, not to impose bureaucratic obstacles. Internal efficiency is critical for the city’s dynamism, as it reduces processing times. Preferential telephone or face-to-face assistance will be promoted for those who need it. MADRID DIGITAL MANAGEMENT
  3. Madrid has to be innovative and a technological pole of attraction, to attract multinationals, start/scale-ups and digital SMEs. A city that is attractive for investment and professionals, that translates innovation into business, growth, competitiveness, internationalisation, employment and better public services for the people of Madrid. The sand-box and specific clusters in key sectors will serve as a testing ground for innovative services for city management and as an example for other large capitals. MADRID DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR
  4. Madrid needs to be run intelligently, with data, in all areas. The aim is to develop a digital twin of the city (urban planning, mobility, etc.) that will provide a comprehensive management and control centre (the brain of the city). Artificial intelligence, robotisation and the use of algorithms in management and IoT will be promoted as an essential part of its development focus. The data generated by the city will be made available to society in an open data lake, in an ethical and transparent manner. MADRID DIGITAL TWIN
  5. Madrid must be a safe and cyber-secure city, which inspires trust in people and institutions. It must be a comprehensive cyber security centre for large capital cities, with specialised private sector and cutting-edge technology applied to strengthen the cyber security of municipal services and a city connected in real time. MADRID CYBER SECURITY HUB
  6. Madrid must be a benchmark in the deployment of 5G communications infrastructures, the system that will enable the development of the new model of a hyper-connected city to improve mobility, management and the connection of people with each other and with their city. A Madrid 5G Forum will be created to coordinate with the sector and develop operational solutions in different areas. MADRID CAPITAL 5G
  7. Madrid must be a city capable and prepared to meet future employment challenges as well as corporate demands. It must be a scientific and knowledge reference, with professionals trained in business schools, universities and vocational training centres. A trained workforce is the city's main asset, which will also boost the attraction of international digital talent. MADRID DIGITAL TALENT
  8. Municipal public employees are the protagonists of the transformation of the City Council and the city. They arempowered and engaged public employees, with an established digital culture and a new working model. Municipal workers will be the catalysts for digital transformation in the city. MADRID DIGITAL WORK CULTURE
  9. Madrid must put technology at the disposal of people. Technology can provide solutions for everyone, especially the elderly and disadvantaged groups, by promoting social action, culture, sport, health, the environment and sustainability. Technology should be used to close all gaps and never to open new ones. Ethical use of algorithms and AI in management will be ensured whilst also respecting data protection and the new digital rights of individuals.  MADRID DIGITAL FOR PEOPLE
  10. Madrid technology must serve to strengthen cooperation, collaboration and solidarity with national and international public and private entities. It must be an inclusive city that operates with institutional loyalty, transparency and openness to the world. Digital transformation is an essential stepping stone to achieve these goals. Madrid as a global digital ambassador. MADRID DIGITAL AMBASSADOR

Digital transformation must contribute to a competitive, innovative, open, sustainable and inclusive city. A city where everyone wants to invest, live, work or visit.

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