Municipal service of assistance to LGTBIphobia victims

Service of legal and psychological assistance to victims of LGTBIphobia incidents in the city of Madrid.

Scheduled appointment required: 623 53 30 35 (including WhatsApp).

Opening times:

  • Monday, from 11:30 to 17:30 h
  • Tuesday, from 15:30 to 20:30 h
  • Wednesday, from 16 to 21 h
  • Thursday, from 17 to 22 h
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 9 to 14 h


Direction: AVENIDA  ALBUFERA,  321  PLANTA  2  12  28031  MADRID 



Accessible facilities for people with reduced mobility.



Service of psychological assistance

Orientated to provide psychological assistance to the victims of LGTBIphobia contacting the service, carrying out an individualized intervention in its case. Among other, it comprises the following tasks:


  • Preparation of the victim to minimize the effects of the experience and reactions of subsequent manifestation.
  • Psychological intervention to increase the cognitive organization of the victim and train the management of anxiety.
  • Activation of internal resources (coping strategies) and external (social, labor and family support) to minimize secondary victimization.
  • Performance of actions in the psychological field related to protection orders


Service of legal advice

Orientated to provide the tools available for the victims and complaint processes, including:

  • Legal advice in criminal proceedings or any other legal issue concerning the situation of the victim.
  • Information and advice about processing, management and elaboration of complaints or other opinions or legal reports.
  • Collaboration with judicial organs and legal representatives of the victims to avoid the effects of secondary victimization.
  • Advice and application processing or request for protection measures
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