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As part of the initiative 'New Mobility solutions for climate neutrality in EU Cities', together with the city of Dresden and five other replicating cities, and within the framework of the European Mission 'Climate Neutral and Smart Cities', the aim of this project is to analyse the state of the art of the technology through real demonstrators: autonomous vehicles for the transport of people and goods, powered by a viable electricity grid that adjusts a market in which demand and photovoltaic production vary independently.


Video summary of the project launch event, (Madrid, January 2024):


A consortium led by Madrid and Dresden, composed of 29 European public and private entities, will develop this initiative selected and funded by the HORIZON programme of the European Commission.

Specifically, in Madrid, 5 pilots will be implemented in the Mercamadrid scenarios, and in the nearby Operations Centre of the Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) in Entrevías.

Mercamadrid is the largest market in Spain and one of the busiest in Europe, employing 8,000 people and supplying 46 other markets in the city and also a very large area in the centre of the country. Therefore, as efficient mobility solutions, pilots have been proposed for autonomous electric vehicles for transporting people and goods, using 5G technology, and which will circulate in a smart urban space with interoperable IoT devices, an electricity grid based on renewable energy sources, on a smart grid using digital twin and artificial intelligence technologies, efficient charging and electrification of freight fleets, bi-directional G2V and V2G chargers, integrated with an energy data marketplace, and implementation of hydrogen refuelling stations and 10 green hydrogen fuel cell buses.

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