Substitution of submission of documents and provision of data

Within the framework of collaboration between administrations, the State Administration has launched the Data Intermediation Platform (PID), which allows access to data verification and consultation services between administrations.

The Ordinance on Citizen Services and e-Administration states that the presentation of documents or the provision of data already in the possession of the Public Administrations cannot be required and that "Madrid City Council will promote and facilitate the availability of an electronic information exchange system with the rest of the Spanish Public Administrations (...) that guarantees the interoperability of the information contemplated in this Ordinance and in the regulations in force".

From the Directorate General of the Digital Office we coordinate this project in the City Council in collaboration with IAM, the technological responsible for the connection to the Platform.

The City Council obtains data from other administrations and transfers the Padrón data. In 2021, more than 449,000 queries were made to the Data Intermediation Platform by the Madrid City Council, which prevented the presentation of this number of documents to citizens in their dealings with the City Council.

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