Madrid City Brand


The Madrid City Brand project


Globalisation has generated a highly competitive world environment in which all cities compete with each other to position themselves in the international context through a brand that identifies them, projecting their identity and values.

The Government of the City of Madrid is promoting the construction of a solid and differentiating city story in order to increase its competitiveness, attract tourism and investment, generate wealth and employment, and foster pride in belonging.

Building a strong, positive and attractive brand for the city of Madrid is considered a key strategic action to improve its international positioning and its competitive capacity in the global environment.


Our City Brand strategy


The Madrid Brand and Partnership Office develops and promotes the Marca Madrid project through four strategic lines of action:


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  • Create a visual identity for the city of Madrid that adequately reflects its essence, values and distinguishing attributes.
  • Promote the search and loyalty of strategic partners who feel a special bond with their city and wish to make a commitment to projecting the Madrid brand in the world.
  • To develop communication and promotion actions and materials for the Madrid Brand that contribute to its positioning in physical and digital environments at local, national and international level.
  • Improve the perception of the Madrid Brand among external opinion leaders by measuring its impact in the media and its valuation in international indexes and rankings.


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