New Madrid City Brand


New Madrid City Brand

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Who is launching this design contest? 

This international design contest for the creation of a new visual identity for the city of Madrid is being held by Madrid City Council through the Madrid City Brand and Partnership Office, which is attached to the General Coordination Unit for Economy, Trade, Consumer Affairs and Partnership in the Department of Economy, Innovation and Employment.

What is the purpose of this design contest?

The city of Madrid is looking for a new visual identity: a logo, graphic element or visual composition that identifies the city and allows its brand identity and values to be conveyed at the international level.

It’s an open, public, international competition that aims to attract as much talent as possible to allow the city to find the best international design for a new visual identity that strongly conveys Madrid’s values and attributes to the world, serves to promote the city in all relevant international forums and encourages a sense of pride among its citizens. 

Who can take part? 

This contest is open to natural persons (private individuals) or legally incorporated undertakings in Spain or abroad, either individually or as part of a legally incorporated temporary consortium (“unión temporal”, or “UTE”), provided that they have full legal capacity and the capacity to act, that they meet the financial and technical capacity requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions, that they are not subject to disqualification for ineligibility or a duty to refrain, and that they are not prohibited from participating in public contracts. 

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions and all relevant documents? 

The Terms and Conditions, the Briefing and all information relating to this design contest can be found on PLACSP, the Public Sector Procurement Platform (, by entering the reference number (“número de expediente”) 145/2019/02798 into the search tool in the Tenders (“Licitaciones”) section. The Terms and Conditions and the Handbook are also posted on the Madrid City Brand website ( 

 What prizes can I win? 

If you are one of the finalists of Sub-Phase A Under a Slogan selected by the Jury to be invited to participate in Sub-Phase B Under a Slogan (minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 participants), you will receive remuneration of €10,000 including VAT. If your visual identity proposal also ends up winning the contest, after specific financial and technical aspects have been negotiated you will be awarded a contract to draft the visual identity guidelines, including the different possible variations, for a maximum value of €130,680 including VAT, from which the €10,000 that was paid to you as a finalist will be deducted. 

 Who will evaluate my proposals? 

An independent jury composed of private individuals will impartially assess your motivation letter -accompanied by up to three logos and three visual identities created in the past three years- and your graphic visual identity proposals (up to 3, each of which must have two versions: one that contains the word “Madrid” and one that doesn’t), which may not contain any identifying signs or information and will be submitted to the jury anonymously. 

How do I register for and take part in the contest? 

To register and take part in the design contest, you must use PLACSP to submit, in the manner and time frame set out in the Terms and Conditions and the Design Contest Notice, all documents required in each of the envelopes -“Sobre A” (Envelope A), “Sobre B” (Envelope B) and “Sobre C” (Envelope C)- that are to be submitted in the contest's different phases. 

How many phases does the contest have? 

The contest has an initial pre-selection phase that is dependent on objective financial and technical capacity criteria that will be assessed by a Technical Committee which supports the Jury, as well as a second phase that automatically includes all candidates that meet the criteria of the previous phase. This second phase is divided into two successive sub-phases in which proposals are submitted anonymously under a slogan: Sub-Phase A Under a Slogan and Sub-Phase B Under a Slogan

What documents do I need to submit in each phase, and what are the submission deadlines? 

In Phase 1, candidates must submit “SOBRE A” (ENVELOPE A), which must include all documentation stipulated in the contest's Terms and Conditions, within a period of 2 months which begins on 20 January and ends on 21 March 2022. 

In the second phase, called Sub-Phase A Under a Slogan, participants who have successfully passed the previous phase must submit “SOBRE B” (ENVELOPE B) within 15 calendar days. This envelope must include all documentation stipulated in the Terms and Conditions. 

In the next phase, called Sub-Phase B Under a Slogan, participants selected by the Jury in the previous phase who have accepted the invitation to take part in this Sub-Phase must submit “SOBRE C” (ENVELOPE C) within 45 calendar days. This envelope must contain all documentation stipulated in the Terms and Conditions. 

Where should I submit my documents? 

Since the contest is an electronic tender, participation therein and submission of all relevant documents may only be done electronically, via PLACSP. No other form of submission is permitted. 

What language do I need to submit my documents in? 

All documents for this contest must be submitted in Spanish. 

How can I ask a question about this contest or its procedures? 

The only way to make enquiries is via the Public Sector Procurement Platform (PLACSP). To do so, first you will need to register on the platform by following the instructions given in the Handbook provided as one of the documents associated with this design contest.


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