Digital Administration Indicators

The Agreement of September 5th, 2019 of the Governing Board of the City of Madrid, on the organisation and competencies of the General Coordination of the Mayor's Office, grants us, among other competencies, that of providing the data, corporate statistics, indicators and scorecards necessary for the design, monitoring and evaluation of municipal policies and services.


Likewise, the Agreement of July 1st, 2021 of the Governing Board of the City of Madrid approving the Action Plan for the Rationalisation and Simplification of Procedures and the Promotion of Digital Management, establishes the objective of setting up and implementing the Digital Management Observatory, whose functions can be summarised as follows:

  • To identify and define digitalisation indicators that enable the monitoring, follow-up and continuous improvement of municipal digital transformation policies.
  • Compile, analyse and publish periodically the main Digital services indicators in Madrid City Council.


In addition, the Observatory will also carry out the following actions that arise as a consequence of the functions described above:

  • To develop periodic studies and publish their results in reports that evaluate the degree of development of the Digital Administration and the digital transformation in the Madrid City Council.
  • Advise the management bodies of the City Council on data collection, analysis and evaluation.
  • To collaborate with national and international entities in the definition and monitoring of actions in the field of Digital Administration.


In order to adequately monitor the progress of the digital transformation process in which the City Council is immersed, the Observatory has implemented the Madrid City Council's Digital Administration Scorecard, which is updated on a daily basis and whose characteristics are described below.

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