Below we highlight the sections that, due to their content and final scope, have a special relevance in the process of digital transformation of the City Council and the city of Madrid.

  • Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Conference

    One year after the presentation of the “Madrid, Digital Capital” strategy, this conference took place, in which a balance was made and the current challenges in terms of digital transformation and cybersecurity were outlined, through various presentations and demonstrations.

  • Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission

    The City Council of Madrid has been recognized by the Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission for its outstanding climate commitment. The city has reached a crucial milestone by receiving the "Climate City Contract" (CCC), a fundamental step in its participation in the Mission of Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. This recognition reflects Madrid's commitment to a fair transition towards a green and digital future, serving as an inspiring example for other cities.

  • Madrid Digital Forum 2022

    In the first week of October, the Digital Forum 2022 took place in Madrid, with a full programme addressing Europe's digital agenda from a local perspective, including a wide range of activities such as round tables, keynotes, workshops, webinars and visits.

  • Digital Administration Impulse Action Plan

    We have drawn up an action plan to promote, in the short term, the improvement of the processing of the administrative actions most used by citizens or those with the greatest internal burden for the city council.

  • City Council Technological Initiatives

    The city's technological initiatives are promoted both by the city council itself and through public-private partnerships. It highlights the attraction of investments in technological infrastructures that reinforce Madrid's digital strengths to become the great digital hub of southern Europe.

  • Madrid Digital Hub

    Madrid must be a great digital hub in Europe, a reference in digital society infrastructures: data centres, communications and cyber security. Madrid must be a great digital hub ("centre of operations") of Europe, a reference in infrastructures for the digital society: data centres, communications and cyber security.

  • MiNT Smart Platform

    MiNT, Madrid Inteligente, is the technological platform to support Urban Public Services that allows the management of the elements of the city of Madrid, integrating maintenance actions, citizen incidents and municipal inspections.

  • Madrid Mobile

    The Madrid Mobile application allows citizens to access different services, such as carrying out procedures at the electronic headquarters, sports procedures or communicating warnings and incidents, in a convenient and agile way.

  • Madrid Mobility 360

    Madrid Mobility 360 is the innovative tool to promote sustainable mobility of the Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT).

    For the first time, the application provides users with information on the occupancy of their buses. It also allows payments to purchase a single bus ticket or to use BiciMAD and BiciMAD go.

  • Madrid Accompanies you

    "Madrid Accompanies you" is a good neighbourhood project that connects individuals who are over 65 years old registered in the city of Madrid with Voluntari@s for Madrid through a simple mobile application developed by Microsoft and the IAM.

  • Digital volunteering

    New electronic service for the digital accompaniment of the elderly through volunteering, thus extending and improving the functionalities and capabilities of the Madrid te Acompaña application.

  • Register by Internet Certificate

    The census registration certificate is one of the most requested documents by citizens. To make it easier to obtain, we have approved the issuing of census certificates as an automated administrative action. In this way, we offer immediate access to the census certificate (individual or collective) through the electronic office.

  • Recognitions

    The awards obtained by the Digital Office in the field of digitisation in public administration are detailed. The different awards recognise the efforts of public bodies in implementing new technologies aimed at providing better and more efficient services to citizens.

  • Useful links

    This section incorporates links to European, national, regional and local information to facilitate a general approach to the multi-level governance of policies, plans and strategies for digital transformation.

  • Digital Officer creation

    The Governing Board has approved the creation of a "Digital Officer" for each Government Area or District. Its main objective is to facilitate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the digital transformation of municipal and city services, thus taking an important step in its governance model.

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