Madrid Digital Hub

We want Madrid to be Europe's digital hub (centre of operations), a benchmark in digital society infrastructures: data centres, communications and cyber security. Technology is the basis for the functioning of other sectors such as logistics, construction, energy, etc. It will reduce bureaucracy and increase flexibility and authorisation times, especially to speed up deployments and enhance and attract digital talent. These are the main actions to be developed:


Madrid as a digital benchmark:

  • Fostering public-private collaboration to promote Madrid's digital strengths and attract investment and talent.
  • Promotion of a network of digital ambassadors for Madrid.
  • Promotion of congresses and ICT events such as South Summit, Fiturtech or Madrid Tech Show.


Madrid as a technology hub:

  • Promotion of digital missions to disseminate their capabilities and competitive advantages.
  • Infrastructure reinforcement and enhancement as a selling point for the attraction and creation of digital companies.


Madrid as a digital ecosystem:

  • Promotion of the digital ecosystem, creation of startups (emerging companies) and networks such as Chamberí Valley.
  • Enhancing the value of spaces such as La Nave, the Factoría Cultural and promoting initiatives such as Madrid Future.


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