Digital Regulations

The Digital Office participates in the drafting of the different municipal sectorial regulations in relation to matters corresponding to digital administration. On the other hand, the Digital Office establishes the criteria and operational instructions relating to the application of the nuclear instruments of digital administration or for the promotion of digital transformation in close collaboration with the General Directorates of the General Coordination of the Mayor's Office and those other areas of government that are competent depending on the matter.

  • Attention to Citizenship and Electronic Administration Ordinance

    One of the strategic objectives of the Madrid City Council is to manage the local administration in a rational, fair and transparent way, bringing it closer to the citizens. The relations with citizens are a fundamental part of the activity of the Madrid City Council. Information and attention are essential rights in the relationship between the administration and citizens - (spanish)

  • Automated administrative action

    An automated administrative action is one that is carried out entirely through digital means and allows for immediate and automatic response services with high performance.

  • Digitalisation Policy

    The City Council is making progress in the digitisation of its administration and the elimination of paper with the approval of the Secure Digitisation Protocol of the Madrid City Council, drawn up with the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport in the Documents and Archives Commission of the Madrid City Council.

  • Identification and Signature Policy

    It is a priority for the municipal government to provide citizens with secure, simple, intuitive, effective and efficient digital public services. For this reason, it is essential to have electronic identification and signature mechanisms that guarantee the authenticity, security and integrity of the digital relationship, thus reducing the digital gap.

  • City Council of Madrid Information Security Policy

    The Madrid City Council uses the means that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) make available at all times to achieve its objectives.

    ICT systems must be protected against accidental or deliberate threats that have the potential to impact the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity or traceability of information and services. To defend against these threats, a strategy that adapts to changing environmental conditions is required to ensure the continued provision of services (spanish)

  • Procedures and Services Electronic Inventory

    The Electronic Inventory of Procedures and Services is an essential element both from the point of view of information and publicity of municipal action for citizens, as well as with respect to the electronic management of procedures (spanish)

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