• Digital Transformation Strategy
    "Madrid, Digital Capital" is the strategy that the City Council has defined to continue to be a benchmark city in the digital sphere, designed for all the people and companies that form part of Madrid, for its neighbourhoods and districts, and for the City Council itself, as a key driver of the city's digital transformation.
  • 5G Agenda
    Promotion and support for the deployment of 5G and its use in municipal services. The 5G Agenda is the part of the Digital Transformation Strategy developed by Madrid City Council aimed at taking advantage of the new generation of communications.
  • 5G Forum Day
    Event organised by the Digital Office, with the participation of the General Coordinator of the Mayor's Office, Matilde García Duarte, to share and reflect on the progress of the 5G initiatives that are being developed within the framework of the 5G Agenda of the City Council's digital transformation strategy, the work plan of the Digital Transformation Centre and specifically of its 5G Office, and the projects based on the 5G Urban Corridor concept.
  • 5G Forum Day – Testimonials
    Different testimonials on the 5G Forum Day.
  • Launching of the European project Mobilities for EU
    Madrid is leading the development of the European initiative Mobilities For EU, and has hosted the technical conferences that serve as a kick-off, bringing together all its partners and working on its objectives and planning. Five pilots will be implemented with autonomous electric mobility solutions, 5G technology, smart urban spaces, digital twin technologies and artificial intelligence.
  • Internet of Things Laboratory of the City of Madrid
    The Internet of Things Laboratory of the City of Madrid, IoTMADLAB, is an initiative of the Madrid City Council in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Madrid to create a neutral, open and interoperable IoT usage model. IoTMADLAB is a public-private collaboration with concessionary companies and technology manufacturers with the aim of designing smart urban spaces to build an open, interoperable and cyber-secure city.
  • International testimonials in support of IoTMADLab
    On the occasion of the launch of the City of Madrid's Internet of Things Lab, IoTMADLab, leading members of different organisations: European Commission, OECD, Eurocities, City of Lisbon, ENOLL, as well as from the Universities of Lisbon and Toulouse express their support to the lab.
  • The Digital Twin of the City of Madrid
    The Digital Twin of the City of Madrid project is a virtual representation of Madrid that uses IoT, AI and 3D modelling for efficient management of the city and its services. The system enables real-time simulation and evaluation of the city's infrastructure and policies, improving the quality of life and well-being of its citizens. It is also used to ensure the safety of public events and to optimise sustainable urban planning.
  • Madrid GovTech Programme
    The Digital Office contemplates the Govtech ecosystem within the framework of digital transformation of municipal public services, promoting various actions to make Madrid a "Govtech Capital" and fostering the shift towards a model of innovation-driven government in the demand for digital solutions to transform the public sector, increasing the interest of entrepreneurial private agents in the process.
  • Cybersecurity Centre
    Within the framework of the City Council's Digital Transformation Strategy and aligned with its Cybersecurity Strategy, CCMAD deploys capabilities for prevention, monitoring, surveillance and response to cyber incidents, as well as training and awareness of threats, risks and vulnerabilities, to enhance the protection of citizens' information and the services available to them.
  • Digital volunteering
    New electronic service for the digital accompaniment of the elderly through volunteering, thus extending and improving the functionalities and capabilities of the Madrid te Acompaña application.
  • Volunteering workshops
    Co-creation and co-design workshops with the joint participation of those responsible for the areas of Seniors and Volunteering of the City Council, volunteers, seniors and technological profiles of IAM and the Digital Office.
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