Madrid Mobile

The Madrid Mobile application allows citizens to access the following services in a convenient and agile way:

  1. Carry out procedures at the e-Office and obtain personalised information from My Folder: obtain a census registration certificate, submit applications, consult and pay fines...
  2. Make sporting arrangements using the "Madrid es Deporte" card: purchase tickets during the summer season, book sports facilities, check the availability of vacant places, book open classes or free use classes.
  3. Communicate warnings and incidents concerning, among others, street furniture, lighting, street cleaning and waste, green areas or trees, pavements and roads, abandoned vehicles, and make requests for new facilities, such as fountains, lighting elements, areas for the elderly and children, accessibility improvements, bins, containers or litter bins, street furniture elements, signs, etc.

Information on how to access, download and use, on the main page of the application.

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