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Madrid City Council is immersed in a digital transformation process, initiated through the Action Plan for the Rationalisation and Simplification of Procedures and the Promotion of Digital Administration, on which the Observatory is carrying out a continuous monitoring and evaluation process.

In the scorecard shown below you can dynamically access and interact with the main indicators, either by clicking on the icons for each indicator, or by scrolling through the different pages of the scorecard. It can also be opened in a full window by clicking on the icon  icono at the bottom right of the window.

In the link at the botton of this page you can also obtain a static report in pdf format with all the indicators.

These indicators will be progressively updated, expanded and evolved with information on digital administration.



The description of the indicators in the top scorecard can be found in the following section:

It provides the monthly evolution of the number of incoming and outgoing records, by date of registration and by channel, which may be electronic, SIR (interconnection of registries) or paper.

More information:

It offers the monthly evolution of the number of notifications and electronic communications sent by the Madrid City Council. Monthly information is provided, from November 2020, managed through the applications of the City Council: COMCD, specific application that manages the practice of notifications and communications; GECLA, GEDIE, SAPTRM, SIGSA, etc., applications for digital processing of files. Access to these communications is possible through the Electronic Headquarters of the Madrid City Council(My Folder), as well as through the Single Enabled Electronic Address (DEHú).

It provides the annual and monthly evolution of the number of electronic signatures and approvals through the municipal signature portal solution.

It provides the monthly evolution of the number of paper deliveries made between municipal offices, distinguishing between communications, notifications and internal deliveries between Madrid City Council units.

This shows the monthly evolution of the number of certificates and registration forms generated, distinguishing by application channel: Internet with signature, Internet without signature, 010 and Others.

It shows the annual and monthly evolution of the number of queries in "Processed'" status made to the automatic and manual Data Intermediation Platform (PID), by municipal employees or systems, which allows compliance with the right of all citizens set out in article 28.2 of Law 39/2015, on Common Administrative Procedure, so that they do not have to provide any data or documents held by the Public Administration.

It shows the monthly evolution of the number of electronic identifications made by citizens and companies when accessing municipal electronic procedures and services, distinguishing by identification method used (electronic certificate and DNIe, Cl@ve Permanente, Cl@ve PIN and User and password). Cl@ve is established as a universal identification system for all electronic processing by the City Council, with the aim of boosting the ratio of electronic use by September 2020.

It provides the monthly evolution of the complete management of electronic identities (emissions, registrations, modifications, waivers and revocations) for both Cl@ve and FNMT certificates for natural persons. This service has been provided since 2020 to enhance the electronic relationship with Madrid City Council.

It offers the monthly evolution of the number of confirmed bookings of sports activities in municipal venues managed through municipal systems, distinguishing by booking channel (App, Web and Box Office). Information is provided on admission to summer swimming pools, court rentals and booking of open classes.

It shows the monthly and annual evolution of the notifications communicated by citizens, through different channels, in relation to incidents related to street furniture, lighting, urban cleaning and waste, green areas or trees, pavements and roads, abandoned vehicles and other causes to be attended to by Madrid City Council services.

It offers the monthly evolution of the number of files and electronic documents managed in the Electronic Archive (ARCHE), in accordance with article 17 of the Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, by the Madrid City Council. The information is provided on a monthly basis, starting in September 2016. The electronic documents correspond to files managed in ARCHE that are electronically signed.

It provides the monthly evolution of the number of services provided to the over 65s without prior appointment at the Citizen's Advice Bureaux (OAC), or via the free 900 111 065 (900 Line), to carry out procedures and formalities with the City Council. The increase in electronic processing in the City Council has made it possible to free up resources for this preferential processing.

It offers the monthly evolution of the accumulated net installations of the Madrid Mobile app in the app shops for Android (Play Store) and iOS (Apple Store) mobile devices. Net installations are defined as the difference between installations and de-installations over a period of time.

It shows the annual evolution of the degree of citizen satisfaction with the web services provided by the City Council through its website and its electronic headquarters according to the satisfaction study carried out in December 2022 and available in Results of the Satisfaction Study of users of the website and Electronic Headquarters of the Madrid City Council 2022 - (spanish)

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