Digital Talent

Digitalisation has brought about a profound transformation in the way we live, interact and work. Madrid, Digital Capital is the digital transformation strategy that the City Council has defined to boost the city's digital progress and provide opportunities for everyone: people, companies and the City Council itself. It aims to strengthen the city's digital leadership by and for people, with citizens with the digital skills to adapt to the new dynamics, digital talent to strengthen business progress and public employees to catalyse the city's digital transformation.

In this context, digital training is a fundamental lever to strengthen this leadership and to leave no one behind in the transition. Thus, the City Council has defined the Digital Training for All initiative by promoting 3 strategic lines

  • Training for the Inclusion, Autonomy and Digital Participation of the Citizenship.
  • Digital Training for Work and Entrepreneurship.
  • Digital Training for Municipal Staff.


To this end, the Digital Office, together with the Directorate General for Human Resources Planning and the Madrid Talent School, has developed the Digital Talent Strategy for Municipal Staff, which builds on previous initiatives of the City Council and reinforces the Municipal Staff Training Plans.

The Strategy includes the experience of the Virtual Training School that has been training municipal staff in the use of corporate technological tools, providing both basic knowledge on cooperative work tools and advanced knowledge on management platforms and common elements of digital administration. It also gathers learnings from the EASYDRO workplace transformation project with training resources, webinars, videos, quick and detailed guides on tools and services, to make their work simpler, more agile, efficient and mobile.

The Digital Talent Strategy promotes a long-term, flexible and dynamic transformation vision, as required by today's digital transformation processes, to empower municipal staff and constantly strengthen their role as the real actor of the city's digital transformation. Aligned with European and national trends, it consists of 3 mutually reinforcing backbone pillars:

  1. Strengthening skills and talent.
  2. Ensuring an enabling environment.
  3. Definition of a continuous growth path.


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