"Madrid, Digital Capital" is the strategy that the City Council has defined to continue to be a benchmark city in the digital sphere, designed for all the people and companies that form part of Madrid, for its neighbourhoods and districts, and for the City Council itself, as a key driver of the capital's digital transformation.



  • Madrid Govtech is part of one of the three fundamental objectives of the strategy: to obtain an attractive city for talent, investment and digital innovation. Specifically, it is one of the projects in programme 12 (a city council with innovative digital DNA).
  • When public sector organisations engage in their innovation activities with start-ups, scale-ups and technology SMEs to design and deliver technology-based products and services, they are said to create a Govtech ecosystem.
  • The city of Madrid is home to one of the hubs (operations centres) that concentrates a majority of this type of companies, as well as universities and research centres, accelerators and investors, favouring a public demand for innovation that is supported by sectors with high entrepreneurial value that want to grow by providing solutions to the challenges of the digital transformation of public services for the welfare of citizens.  
  • The Digital Office contemplates the Govtech ecosystem within the framework of the digital transformation of municipal public services, based on international best practices and previous experiences, promoting various actions to make Madrid a "Govtech Capital".
  • The Govtech Madrid Forum has served to showcase the potential of the city of Madrid and, with the participation of a wide range of international and national speakers, to listen to the different agents of the ecosystem: the city council, universities, entrepreneurs, investors and citizens.
  • In the framework of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission has called for the creation of the GovTech incubator, joining forces in a consortium formalised by a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA). The Oficina Digital, representing the Madrid City Council, participates in the proposed Govtech4all Consortium, which brings together 22 key Govtech actors from 15 countries, and has already passed the evaluation phase of the call. The main objective of this proposal is to foster a single Govtech market in the EU and to promote new innovation models in the public sector.  
  • One of the main objectives of the "Madrid, Digital Capital" strategy is to strengthen the positioning of Madrid as a digital innovation hub to make it a preferred destination for innovation, investment and talent in the digital sector, creating an attractive ecosystem to invest, work, study, visit, enjoy and live in. To this end, the programme "A City Council with innovative digital DNA" has been set up, to which the Madrid Govtech project is attached.
  • To articulate all these initiatives, the Digital Office has defined a Govtech strategy and is launching the municipal Govtech programme to cover aspects related to such a complex ecosystem, fostering the shift towards a model of innovation-driven government in the demand for digital solutions to transform the public sector, which will increase the interest of entrepreneurial private actors in the process.

Madrid City Council Govtech Strategy - (spanish) (PDF 5.301 KB) 

Madrid City Council Govtech Programme - (spanish)  (PDF 1.742 KB)  

  • Within this municipal Govtech programme, in an open innovation process, a total of six innovation challenges will be defined for which calls are open to the innovative community.  The first challenge that has been published, which is in the evaluation phase, aims to obtain data from the users of Madrid's parks, potentially in real time, for decision-making and service improvement, and the intention is to carry out a pilot project paid with a maximum of 15,000 euros, which will be developed in the environment of the Parque de la Cuña Verde de O'Donnell. The scope of the pilot may cover all or part of the park, depending on the type of solution.
  • The rest of the challenges, of which several of them are still open in the search for companies to provide solutions, are published at the following link: 

Open innovation challenges - (spanish)



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